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"The KISS"
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Interactive installation; Mikrophon, fence, poster, TV screen

The interactive installation consists of a microphone, fence, large poster of Buckingham Palace and flat screen. The screen plays an interactive video of the kiss from William and Kate. The louder "KISS" is screamed the closer the newly-weds get to a kiss.

THE KISS playfully adopts the symbiosis as an interaction between people, it is easier to get the two kissing in a group. A person itself may be conceived weird or even parasitic to be shouting "KISS" in an exhibition.

In shows:


Jungkunst 2012, Halle 52, Winterthur, CH, 25.10. - 28.10.2012


»Global Village«, Brønden Kulturhuset, Brøndby Centrum, Brøndby Strand (Copenhagen), DK, 10.08. - 15.09.2012


»Global Village«, Château de Sully, Sully, F, 7.7 - 15.07.2012


»Global Village«, Projekt 072, Alkmaar, NL, 03.02 - 11.03.2012


»Symbiosis«, Stadsgalerij Breda, Breda, NL, 07.07. - 14.08.2011