The Life of L

Paintings; Canvas, Edding-pens, paint varnish, various materials
various sizes on canvas

... is a related work to my thesis of my studies. The work "The Life of L" consists of canvases in various sizes. It is neither paintings, drawings nor graphics - even if references are made to each of these techniques. Not obvious, at least for many viewers, is the utilised method: the use of glossy or matte paint pens, gold leaf and paint in various colours. Varnish and paint pens remind us of drawings and graphics although these materials are used in the style of a painting, particularly when gold leaf is applied.

The title reveals that the subject once again is daily life and all its influences. The content of each canvas plays with the associations of the beholder. If suspended the great number and variety of canvases commemorates the information overload of our time, the sensory overload by the new media. The pictures almost compete with each other and fight for the attention of the viewer.

In show:


»The life of L«, Galerie Freitagsgalerie, Solothurn, CH, 24.10. - 12.12.2008