A Rainbow a Day Keeps the Cloud Away

A Rainbow a Day Keeps the Cloud Away


My Boyfriend Misses Me

Love Is Love

Walk the Streets Proud as if You own It

Don't think You are Different. Think You're Special

Hunter & Prey

Come Out of the Closet. There's a Whole New World Waiting For You.

All Saints

I Have a Dream...

Dancing Queen

Rise Like A Phoenix

I Kissed The Girl

Pussy Love

Little Red Riding what?!

To Be(d) or Not To Be(d)

My Girl

Stay at Home. Save Lives



It's still out there

E.T. Stay Home

A Spoonful of Sugar helps the Bleach Go Down...

Not Seeing Is a Flower

Two Bodies, One Heart

Feeling Vogue - Ish

The Spain of Mutes

What It Feels Like To Have Depression

The Forbidden Fruit Was Less Of An Apple And More Like A Banana. A Very Large Banana.

no title

no title

Merry Christmas

Fuck Aff - it's our turn!

Your father I am


no title

no title

I need a (heart)

World AIDS Day 01.12.2022

World AIDS Day 01.12.2022

daft punk

Our lady of sorrow crying at the discoteque

Cat Lord

Don't eat the yellow snow!

Naughty, Nice, I tried (Merry Christmas)

XYZ (Hommage à Joan Brossa)


I know you've flown away and are exploring the stars (R.I.P. Zorbas)

Happy Easter

Safeword: Pineapple

Hell, Yeah!

Padam Padam

Sorry, Frida. I disagree!

Zeichnungen; Papier, verschiedene Stifte